Kindred Cannabis is the idea that all people who use cannabis are connected, forming a magnetic bond that unites users from all walks of life. It is about the community of cannabis users who use the plant in a high functioning manner – as an enhancement to their daily lives. It is about choosing cannabis over more harmful alternatives, including prescription medications and alcohol. Most importantly, Kindred Cannabis is about high quality, innovation and giving back to the community.

Our mission at Kindred Cannabis is to bring people together through cannabis while evolving the image of the cannabis user.

We hope you enjoy Kindred Cannabis as much as we did creating it.

About Our Team

Our Secret Sauce


Totaling 122 years of industry experience, our staff of 54 employees come from 22 different states/countries, bringing a wealth of experience and diverse ideas to the team. Their time is spent at our boutique indoor grow (great for experiments), allowing for innovation to flourish. Our cultivation team has attracted top university grads as well as self-taught cannabis enthusiasts, resulting in a perfect dichotomy between street smarts and book smarts… and we like it that way.

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The perfect compliment to our cultivation, our extraction lab is state-of-the-art. Priding ourselves in the use of clean extraction methods (no BHO’s here), our team of qualified scientists push the limit of cannabis infusions. With the newest technologies, we are able to create high-quality, potent, and most importantly consistent dosing to the Kindred Cannabis line of products. No method of delivery is too wild for our extraction team, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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Our in-house design team is all about bringing the cannabis experience to life through visual storytelling. The entire Kindred Cannabis brand was conceived by acknowledging that no two cannabis users are the same, and that is to be celebrated. Every Kindred Cannabis asset was created and designed with the patient experience in mind, to encourage the use of cannabis in a responsible manner, and to be proud of the relationship this plant creates with one’s own mind, body and spirit.

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About Our Grow
Complete Plant Nutrition

We create, mix and perfect the nutrition we give our plants, and it’s all done in-house. Continuous experimenting through our R&D platform has provided us the knowledge to continuously improve our plant nutrition recipes and create the environment for maximum genetic performance. Healthy plants make for an even healthier product and you can truly taste and feel the difference.

Pesticide Free

You will find absolutely ZERO synthetic or harmful pesticides used on our products, our pest management is as natural as it comes. So what’s the secret to our system? Ladybugs! Their voracious appetites help keep our cannabis plants healthy by consuming mites and aphids. This symbiotic relationship is a great alternative to harmful pesticides and we are proud to include them in our cultivation.

Harvested at Peak Potency

Our dedicated team of post-harvest specialists harvest our plants at the climax of each flush before hand-trimming each flower bud individually. From there our flowers are cured to perfection, tested daily to ensure moisture levels reach the apex of each strain’s terpene profile. The result? The most terpene-rich, aromatic flower we can produce.

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