Retired Public Educator


Cannabis oil saved my life. I am 63 years old, a Vietnam veteran and a retired public educator with a Doctorate in Education. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1990. I was treated with interferon and pegylated interferon, but neither worked. When Harvoni hit the market I made an appointment to see my specialist to ask for a prescription in August 2014. He sent me for a scan while making the arrangements for me to receive the very expensive treatment ($180,000). The scan showed a small 1.3 cm tumor. We were too late. I cleared the Hepatitis C test and prepared for testing to be placed on the liver transplant list and wait for the tumor to grow. Once it was at 2 cm, a radiologist thermally ablated it. It returned and we burned it again.

I used to take 20 pills a day . . . now I take one capsule of oil a day.

I began taking RSO/FECO as soon as I found out I had cancer and got my dosage up to a full gram a day within the first week. I continue to consume as much oil as I can afford and I feel great. I have regained lost weight, gotten my appetite back, and feel better than I have in thirty years. I use balms on my skin and RSO on pre-cancerous skin cancers which has cut my basal and squamous cell carcinoma’s in half. I used to take 20 pills a day . . . now I take one capsule of oil a day.